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Well, I updated my Lenovo Thinkpad T410 to Windows 10...

Who in the hell made these Windows 10 Icons!?

My Windows 7 set was needing a urgent refresh so I decided to download the Win10 iso from the Microsoft websiteupdated the old version, found the new key with Product Key 1.80, and finally install it fresh. Most of Lenovo´s drivers and software simply don´t exist yet for this new Windows flavor (Power Manager, Bluetooth and Wifi connecting tool, etc, etc). The only real thing that works and you can download from Lenovo´s support is System Update 5 but when you run it, there are no updates at all at this moment!
Bluetooth light is always on if you are using wireless, there are no battery charging options but the rest is not so bad, except for these awful icons! Who made it? Some retroguy from the nineties? They look like the Windows 95 ones. Good Lord!