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'To Donald Trump,' by Leland Melvin, former NASA Astronaut and NFL Player

Donald Trump, I listened to your Alabama rally rant and could not believe how easily you say what you say. We have become numb to your outlandish acts, tweets and recent retweet of you knocking down Hillary Clinton with a golf ball that you hit. Donald Trump, your boorish and disgusting actions are not funny. They actually promote violence against women especially when your followers act out what you say. (...) [FULL ARTICLE AT ]  

Stanley Kubrick's career through rare photos

It serves not to forget how Stanley Kubrick is one of the most important names in Film History. One of the few authors with a complete mastery of the various dimensions of cinematographic production, in the technical area, in narrative solutions, in writing of argument, in the search of ways of doing never before experienced. Stanley Kubrick still had odd human qualities that allowed him to be extremely resilient without becoming a small dictator. Stanley Kubrick