Crazy double clicking mouse fix

This is really strange, but today and after installing some software, my mouse started double clicking every time I used the left button. Being a wireless mouse, I just thought that I was dealing with some radio interference or whatever... Tried all the common fixes but nothing worked (uninstalling and installing drivers and devices, changing settings, using other USB port for the adapter)! Then I did what everyone does and I found this weird solution on the comments here, and the problem is apparently solved!

"Press the right click button and
hold-it, turn the mouse off and on, leave the right mouse button pressed
while clicking on the left click button 5 times Quit pressing the
right click button and turn the mouse off. Click and hold the right
mouse button, turn the mouse on and finally release the right mouse


I'm sorry Mr. President

I just want to say this: Mr President of the United States - George W. Bush, I am very sorry that in the past I have told and invented something offensive jokes about you. Yesterday, September 11, 2019, and watching a show on History Channel, about the sad events of 2001, I came to the conclusion that you are a much more conscious and authentic person than I thought.
At the time I had no idea that beneath the image of an insecure and fragile president was someone trying to do their best. I also enjoyed seeing you recognize that you may have been wrong in many of your options, proof that you are a true man.
It is also obvious that, in those days gone by, we did not imagine that the United States of America could ever have, at its command, something truly sad and execrable. Again, please, please accept my heartfelt apologies.

A really sorry guy

Secret Boris Johnson Plan for Brexit


Allie Avital - Wow, this girl is a genius!

I no longer remember how I realized that this person exists, but after watching all these videos, I realized that I was missing out on something truly good. 
Music video is an institution with decades and its trivialization has made it a little ... sick. As if the music videos had sex with other music videos in the same family, and had increasingly languid and fragile children.
I suddenly discovered the videos of Moses Sumney and took the trouble to find out who had directed them, to discover Allie Avital and a very interesting collection of visual interpretations of music, which is not always very creative, but which gives rise to creative films. 
This one, which we chose to be up here in sample form, is apparently inspired by Buñuel's "The Exterminating Angel" and plays with the concept of animated GIF. That is the fundamental quality of the work of this young and talented New York girl - the intention and the consistency.

If you want to know more and have the patience to click, here's a list:


"Flying-V" - a KLM sponsored scifi aeroplane named after a guitar...

It's one of those things that pops up on the internet and it quickly spreads everywhere, like toothpaste trodden by a heavy boot. What we are told about, is that KLM sponsors this TU Delft aeronautical project. For now it seems to us a medium quality video with an anonymous soundtrack ... but the important thing is to dream.

Official Site and something about the Flying-V Guitar.