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Sir Clive Sinclair (1940-2021)

Clive Sinclair passed away two days ago. For those who don't know who he was, please remember the ZX Spectrum and many other products and technological inventions. The C5 was one of them and could have been a real revolution in the way of looking at individual transport, but the ineffective battery and the complicated relationship with road traffic threw him into the world of bizarre curiosities. In any case, Sir Clive Sinclair was responsible for the access of the eighties generation in Europe to the personal computer. The small ZX Spectrum 48K shared a large part of the market with the Commodore C64, opening the minds of many to computing.
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Covered by This Mortal Coil

Publisher 4AD and Ivo Watts-Russell marked the alternative music of the eighties. The care in choosing the authors and musicians was enormous, the elegance in the brand's aesthetic was striking, and this made 4AD become what others tried to copy. The amount of original and disruptive projects surprised a lot of people and its catalog contained and contains things as unexpected as the Bulgarian State Radio and  Television Female Vocal Choir . This Mortal Coil  was a collective centered on two authors - Watts-Russell and John Fryer who had the collaboration of band members from the label ( Cocteau Twins , Pixies , Dead Can Dance ). 1984 release It'll End in Tears  forever referenced by Elizabeth Fraser's stunning rendition of Tim Buckley's " Song to The Siren ". Two more albums would emerge - " Filigree & Shadow " (1986) and " Blood " (1991), as well as compilations, boxes and reissues. We suggest listening to the original songs that ma

Ford Mustang As An Actor (1964-2019)

The Mustang appeared in the Ford catalog in 1964 and quickly became a bestseller and one of the most iconographic cars in history. This is a small collection of movies where the car is more than a prop and becomes a real actor. Steve Mcqueen adored it and clearly contributed to its promotion, but many other films used it as a symbol or were used by Ford to promote a product that is nearly sixty years old.

Another solution for deleting files and folders that don't want to be deleted!

  Some time ago we published a solution to delete folders on Windows that don't really want to be deleted. Today we tried to use this syntax with command prompt with admin rights but it seemed impossible. Until we found the easiest solution imaginable - just open Winrar with administrator rights (it seems that it also works with 7zip), navigate to the desired folder or file and right-click to choose delete. That's just it.

Airo - a car that will clean the air around it : A driverless electric car concept is capable of hoovering up pollution left by other vehicles as it drives along, leaving clean air in its wake, its designers claim. The Airo is being designed by British Heatherwick Studio for the Chinese green-vehicle firm IM Motors and could go into production as soon as 2023. It features a dining room-style space inside the cabin that can be turned into a double bed, allowing passengers to continue to slumber during a commute to work. The vehicle will run on electric power, producing no fossil fuel pollutants as it moves around the city. But the car goes further in its environmental ambition. Heatherwick confirmed it would be equipped with a state-of-the-art HEPA filtering system attached to the under-carriage that can clean up pollution particles. (continue reading)

Famel E-XF

The "Famel XF" was one of the most famous motorcycle models manufactured in Portugal. It was launched in 1975 and sold a lot until 1994, when the factory went bankrupt. It was a motorcycle associated with the rural suburban class, but over time it became a chic object, with a special charisma and a lot of nostalgia from the eighties. In Águeda, the Portuguese city that gave rise to the original version, a new company appears that relaunched the mythical bike  but with an electric motor . The design is inspired by the old gasoline-powered XF ( Zundapp engine) and promises to inspire many people who miss this object so important in Portuguese Pop culture!

Daftpunk (1993-2021)

  Back in 1994 and without helmets.