Amazing Videogame Console History Through TV Ads

This is a short story of video game consoles using European, American and Japanese TV ads. From 1972 to 2017, we can see how this industry shows a fantastic and amazing evolution!


Bandit 9L - exquisite and beautiful motorcycle.

via designboom.com

The only thing that stands between fact and fiction is time,’ says daryl villanueva, founder and chief of design at bandit9, as he unveils the brand’s latest motorcycle, the ‘L concept’. much like the wonder that surrounded the launches of the inspirational USS enterprise or even their ‘EDEN‘ model, this bike is a sci-fi masterpiece in its own right. it disregards the ordinary, where it is instead shaped from a minimalist form and suspended turbine to define a fully functional work of art. (read the rest...)



A Pink Pineapple Shaped Pavilion by Studio Morison

Contrast in design creates striking moments. A great example of this is when you mix something new with something old. The Louvre Pyramid by I.M. Pei at the Louvre Palace is a perfect example of architectural contrast. Not all projects need to be quite so stark though as evidenced by this lovely pavilion intervention at Berrington Hall.
As described by it’s website, Berrington Hall is a “neo-classical mansion with fine interiors, set in landscape grounds,” a posh canvas for which Studio Morison introduced a giant, pink pineapple that’s origami in form. It’s funny because I feel like the pavilion is so different from the environment around it, but the fact that it’s set in a garden is very appropriate. Pineapple’s are grown in the ground, the pink color harkens back to a victorian color palette, and the origami form is very flower like overall.
It’s definitely a fun intervention that would bring a smile to the face of any person who came across it.


All (except Blonded) GTA V Radio Stations in mp3 and Flac!

If you like the GTA V universe as much as we do, you will not mind having it in your collection - here are the rips of all the radio stations that can be heard in the game, except the latest one (Blonded).
You can finally send this to a USB stick or you can burn a CD with the stations and listen to them while driving in the real world. You just have to resist the temptation to destroy other vehicles!


See last image of elon musk's spaceX starman before failing to reach asteroid belt as claimed.

via designboom.com

Elon musk launched spaceX’s ‘falcon heavy’ from cape canaveral carrying his 2008 cherry red teslaroadster inside. onboard, a mannequin named starman wearing a spaceX suit, drove the car with an endless loop of david bowie’s song ‘life on mars’. and for our enjoyment and to register a historical event, musk equipped the roadster with cameras which have live-streamed the event to everyone around the world. (...)