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The Seinfeld Cast back in the day

  Larry David Wayne Knight Jerry Seinfeld Jason Alexander Julia Louis-Dreyfus Michael Richards
Recent posts There's An AI For That    This is exactly the search engine you are looking for among all the nonsense in the world of Artificial Intelligence that haunts our existence. Even if it's just to produce an image of a robotic fly, or for more professional purposes, it's all here - the free, the expensive, the esoteric and what clearly works very poorly.

Did you know that GTA V turns 10 in 2023?

  By Paulo Corceiro.  #gta #rockstar 

On the day of Carlos' coronation, we couldn't help but publish a beautiful photograph of Andrew, Virginia and Ghislaine.

 #princeandrew #virginiaroberts #ghislainemaxwell

"They Make Fun of Me" - Putin says

  #putin #mickey #disney

Realtek problems with front panel after Windows 11 update?

So, you have a desktop computer with a motherboard that has Realtek sound built in, you've upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and when you plug in the headphones on the front panel, the speakers keep playing... What a hassle! I will tell you my experience and my solution because maybe it will help you. I have a PC with an Asus H110 motherboard . It's been a few years now and has always behaved very well. However, I upgraded to Windows 11 (with some tricks because the processor is on Microsoft's blacklist). When I plugged in the headphones on the front panel to listen to a Mojave 3 album at 3am while working, the speakers continued to produce music although it also came out through the headphones at the same time. The first thing I did was uninstall the drivers and reinstall. Realtek Audio Manager disappeared from Windows11 and the problem continued to persist. After several tries with various versions of the drivers, I returned to the Asus support page .  Then, I chose


I can't believe I just discovered this site today! Vidfish is a way to turn a Spotify playlist into a YouTube video playlist, without spoiling a single neuron in our brain! On the about page you can find "VidFish is a hobby project made by Cory Weiner. This site is completely free and run at my own expense. However, if you would like to help contribute, you can do so through PayPal.", so if you can and you want, do it!