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Covered by This Mortal Coil

Publisher 4AD and Ivo Watts-Russell marked the alternative music of the eighties. The care in choosing the authors and musicians was enormous, the elegance in the brand's aesthetic was striking, and this made 4AD become what others tried to copy. The amount of original and disruptive projects surprised a lot of people and its catalog contained and contains things as unexpected as the Bulgarian State Radio and  Television Female Vocal Choir . This Mortal Coil  was a collective centered on two authors - Watts-Russell and John Fryer who had the collaboration of band members from the label ( Cocteau Twins , Pixies , Dead Can Dance ). 1984 release It'll End in Tears  forever referenced by Elizabeth Fraser's stunning rendition of Tim Buckley's " Song to The Siren ". Two more albums would emerge - " Filigree & Shadow " (1986) and " Blood " (1991), as well as compilations, boxes and reissues. We suggest listening to the original songs that ma