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Yeap, I´m still using Windows Xp in march 2020

I write this text for a single purpose only - maybe there are people out there who would also like to continue using Windows XP, but are terrified of Microsoft's warnings about the danger of Windows 7 and XP. My story is simple, I have an Agfa 1236s scanner which, despite being over twenty, is wonderful, works like new, is fast and is scsi, which forces me to connect it to a 2005 computer. The motherboard is the AsRock 775VM800 , with 2 Gb of RAM (as much as possible), an integrated S3 graphics chip and a 250 GB disk. Like many people, I went through the experience with LINUX distributions that promised to be very light and fast but that all turned out to be slow as a sick snail. I tried Linux Mint XFCE, Zorin Lite, Lubuntu, etc. Although some are better than others, nothing could achieve the performance of Windows XP. In addition, every time you need to install a driver on LINUX, we have to go through a more boring learning process than reading the phone book. I took my old

Random Scans - Episode 4

At page 156 of Face Magazine Nr. 100 :-) #tomcruise #bratpack #policeacademy #emilioestevez #mattdillon #patrickswayze

Random Scans - Episode 3

Random Scans - Episode 2

#madonna #madonnaciccone #kiss #popstar

Random Scans - Episode 1

#facemagazine #mobilephone #bragging #vintage #car #caraudio #vintageelectronics #motorola

Another speculative image of Sony Play Station 5

We were sent this image of a supposed PlayStation 5 but we don't know if it's just another joke or not. Either way, it’s cute enough to be shown here. It seems that the controller has a touch screen and is similar to the current ones, which is good because, supposedly the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with the previous version. #ps5 #playstation5 #sony #sonyplaystation5 #playstation