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How JFK, the Zapruder Film, Oliver Stone, Seinfeld and Wayne Knight are related.

Blast from the...

Rugged men and willing women (?)


Two Pictures

Video Game Art From a Casual Sketch

Concorde´s Last Flight

This is a film about the rise and fall of the world's first supersonic passenger jet - Concorde. From the moment that it hit the skies in 1969, Concorde was instantly iconic. Considered the thoroughbred of aircraft, it flew the rich and famous across the Atlantic in just 3 hours and forty-five minutes - with an impeccable safety record. Until, on July 25th 2000, a freak chain of events just outside Paris caused a catastrophic accident: Concorde's first fatality in 27 years of service killed 115 people and those devastating 120 seconds of flight marked the end of the supersonic era. 

The New Home of the Most Exotic Bomber Ever Built Is Aerospace Heaven

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is the world’s largest military aviation museum—and it’s also home to the world’s only remaining North American XB-70 Valkyrie, which was moved to a new hangar a few days ago. Thankfully the spectacle that was the October 27th relocation of the aircraft was thoroughly photographed, so fans of this extraordinary experimental supersonic strategic bomber can admire its lethal beauty in brand-new outdoor and indoor images. The aircraft, which you can learn about in more detail here , will be displayed in its new home, the Research & Development Gallery of the museum, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. The new 224,000 square foot building of the USAF museum is scheduled to open to the public in June 2016, and it will house four galleries – R&D, Space, Global Reach and Presidential, along with three science, technology, engineering and mathematics Learning Nodes. The hangar will likely