"Why Germans Do It Better" alternative book cover.

You were really expecting this, weren't you? An alternative cover of this book started circulating on the internet, where someone replaces the industrial crane with an SS officer beating a victim of a Nazi concentration camp.

Being such a sensitive topic for contemporary German society, the cover with this reference to dark humor has been ignored by the German press. The image is subtle and it is only after a few minutes that we notice the slight change to the original design. The joke was obvious and inevitable but here it is for future memory.

The book, written by John Kampfner and published in August this year, tries to explain to us why a country devastated by war just 70 years ago, became the most important European economy, leaving the United Kingdom to look with envy at this technological, economic and cultural power. But, apparently, there are still people who remember the terror of the Nazi regime and do not want them to forget this ...


Chuck Yeager, first man to break the sound barrier, dies at age 97

The Air Force officer who was the first pilot to fly at supersonic speed, Chuck Yeager, has died at the age of 97. Along with such contemporaries as Neil Armstrong and John Glenn, Yeager was a symbol of American heroism. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY on his life and legacy. [MSN]


You can't delete a folder because Windows 10 is saying that it's not there?

 It happened to me and the only solution that really worked was this one by a user named Rayza73.

"I had this same problem using Server 2012 Std. I tried various options of taking ownership of the parent folder because the Security properties of the folder I was trying to delete were blank, using CMD and Dir /x etc. I even tried sharing the parent folder and then using Server 2008 R2. None of them worked. When I tried Dir /x Server 2012 doesn't show the 8 character filename with the ~1. I tried typing it in myself, but that didn't work either. I then found that there was a space at the end of the folder name. I then tried all the CMD options again using a space, still no luck. Then I finally stumbled upon this solution:

Open CMD and then type:

rd /s "\\?\D:\bad\folder\path "

example: rd /s "\\?\D:\Sharedata\folder1\folder2 " - note the space after folder2 as per the space in the folder name. Obviously D: is the drive that has the folder on it.

This worked for me"


How to stop lag in Magix Vegas in one step

Forget all the other obvious solutions (preview quality, device on and off, etc). This solution works beautifully on my low-end laptop and on my super desktop,

1) Go to options and click shift key and preferences at the same time.
2) Open "Internal" tab.
3) At the bottom look for "enable multi stream render".
4) Change value to "TRUE".
5) Restart Vegas.


New York Times video about George Floyd's that's the one you must watch

"8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody

The Times has reconstructed the death of George Floyd on May 25. Security footage, witness videos and official documents show how a series of actions by officers turned fatal. It’s a Monday evening in Minneapolis. Police respond to a call about a man who allegedly used a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes. Seventeen minutes later, the man they are there to investigate lies motionless on the ground, and is pronounced dead shortly after. The man was 46-year-old George Floyd, a bouncer originally from Houston who had lost his job at a restaurant when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Crowd: “No justice, no peace.” Floyd’s death triggered major protests in Minneapolis, and sparked rage across the country. Four officers have been fired and put under investigation. One of them, Derek Chauvin, has been arrested and charged with murder and manslaughter. The Times analyzed bystander videos, security camera footage and police scanner audio, spoke to witnesses and experts, and reviewed documents released by the authorities to build as comprehensive a picture as possible and better understand how George Floyd died in police custody. "


Yeap, I´m still using Windows Xp in march 2020

I write this text for a single purpose only - maybe there are people out there who would also like to continue using Windows XP, but are terrified of Microsoft's warnings about the danger of Windows 7 and XP. My story is simple, I have an Agfa 1236s scanner which, despite being over twenty, is wonderful, works like new, is fast and is scsi, which forces me to connect it to a 2005 computer. The motherboard is the AsRock 775VM800, with 2 Gb of RAM (as much as possible), an integrated S3 graphics chip and a 250 GB disk. Like many people, I went through the experience with LINUX distributions that promised to be very light and fast but that all turned out to be slow as a sick snail. I tried Linux Mint XFCE, Zorin Lite, Lubuntu, etc. Although some are better than others, nothing could achieve the performance of Windows XP. In addition, every time you need to install a driver on LINUX, we have to go through a more boring learning process than reading the phone book.
I took my old Windows XP CD (yes, it really is a 580Mb occupied CD) and reinstalled this 21 year old operating system. The experience is strange these days, but I think it is easy to survive the outdated interface. The first challenge is to install a browser that works on Xp and that allows us to browse the internet of 2020. My suggestion is to choose MyPal or Slimjet (especially if you are interested in one based on Chromium). Then I installed Agfa Fotolook 3.60, which is much better than Linux's Xsane, in order to use the scanner properly. Other tools that work perfectly in this 32bit operating system are VLC (free), Polaris Office (free) and Panda Dome Antivirus (free).
The latter is really essential for overcoming the intense terror we feel when not using Windows 10, despite the fact that many people who know these issues, consider that the newer Windows reveals more holes ready to be exploited by hackers than this piece of computer archeology.
And that's all I wanted to tell the owners of old hardware that  are frightened and scared.


Another speculative image of Sony Play Station 5

We were sent this image of a supposed PlayStation 5 but we don't know if it's just another joke or not. Either way, it’s cute enough to be shown here. It seems that the controller has a touch screen and is similar to the current ones, which is good because, supposedly the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with the previous version.

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Are companies turning us into sugar zombies?

"How much sugar are you REALLY eating? 🍭 Founder of WildFit Eric Edmeades says that by adding sugar to everything, food companies compromise your health for their profit. Learn all the nutrition facts you need to form new healthy habits next. 👉
https://go.mindvalley.com/BQF-xA1j One trick that the big food manufacturers of sports drinks and sugary breakfast cereals have done to manipulate us into buying their products is linking weight loss to exercise instead of nutrition. But in reality, your body shape is 90% dependent on what you eat. So if you really want to have a weight loss transformation in 2020, even the greatest fitness routine won’t get you to your goals if you’re eating sugar-filled foods. #Fitness #Health #VishenLakhiani" [at Mind Valley]


Crazy double clicking mouse fix

This is really strange, but today and after installing some software, my mouse started double clicking every time I used the left button. Being a wireless mouse, I just thought that I was dealing with some radio interference or whatever... Tried all the common fixes but nothing worked (uninstalling and installing drivers and devices, changing settings, using other USB port for the adapter)! Then I did what everyone does and I found this weird solution on the comments here, and the problem is apparently solved!

"Press the right click button and
hold-it, turn the mouse off and on, leave the right mouse button pressed
while clicking on the left click button 5 times Quit pressing the
right click button and turn the mouse off. Click and hold the right
mouse button, turn the mouse on and finally release the right mouse