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The easiest way to have Instagram on the desktop

First, I would like to say that we are fans of Mozilla Firefox and this solution uses this browser. However I think the strategy can be used with other ones. One of the most annoying things for someone who takes pictures with a real camera and likes to put them on Instagram, hoping to become famous and rich or simply because he wants the cousin who lives in another country to see them, is to have to move them to the phone and then use the Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile app. Note that there is the official desktop app in Windows 10, but apparently does not work well, being impossible to upload photos effectively! So if we pretend we're browsing the Instagram site using a mobile device, we can use the features available on mobile phones. For this we should use a plugin for Firefox called User-Agent Switch, which is compatible with the latest versions of the browser (57.0.2 as I write this and we know how those guys love updates). Once you have the plugin installed, just click the icon and choose a mobile device to emulate. Now, we have that desired icon with the plus sign so we can add our masterpieces to the millions that exist there.