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Punkt MP 01 - If you would like to spent €295 on a phone with keys

"The more our phones do, the more they demand of us. Say it with words. Focus on what matters most and leave the rest. The MP 01 is a simple mobile phone for smart communicators.
At long last a beautiful mobile phone that limits distraction and doesn’t demand your constant attention. The Punkt. MP 01 is an uncomplicated, streamlined device that performs the core mobile phone functions: calling and texting. With no status updates, notifications or multiple alerts, the MP 01 focuses on the things that matter. Like communicating." At least this is what Petter Neby would like us to believe. For two hundred ninety-five euros, give us the opportunity to buy a phone that only let´s you to do phone calls and send text messages. If your craze is investing in design pieces it may be an option to consider, although it seems that will never reach the level of Braun design icons. By the way, check this one ;-)